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Repentance Exercises

December 2, 2018--Rev. Adam preaches on John the Baptist's invitation to receive the water of baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sin. Adam uses the image of a farmer moving rocks from a field to consider what might get in the way of accepting God's unconditional love, and shares... [ more ]

Remember When

November 25, 2018: On Church History Sunday, Rev. Adam connects Jesus' Great Commission to the history and mission of First Church Milford, from its Non-Conformist roots in early 17th century England up until today... [ more ]

Journey: Where We've Come From, Where We're Going

November 11, 2018--Dave Weaver speaks about the ways that God and faith community inspire our life journeys and how to be generous in the life of the church. [ more ]


November 4, 2018--Rev. Adam, Morgan Preiss, Marisol Cummings, and Dick Furanna share stories about God's presence and saints in their lives. [ more ]

Serving in the Un-Tribe

October 21, 2018--Rev. Adam declares that we like James and John sometimes want to sit next to Jesus, but God calls us to serve in humility, which is where it turns out we get to be nearest to Jesus anyway! [ more ]

We Will Not Be Enemies

September 30, 2018--Amid the swirling debate over Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford's testimony, Rev. Adam preaches on the lectionary Gospel reading...  [ more ]

Bread for the Journey

August 26, 2018--Rev. Adam preaches on how God offers us "bread" for our journeys, nourishment to make it through challenges and new experiences. [ more ]

Shake It Off (8th Sunday After Pentecost)

July 15, 2018--Rev. Ashley will preach on Jesus sending out the twelve from Mark 6:7-13. It follows Jesus' rejection in his own hometown of Nazareth. Jesus gives the 12 instructions for their mission, including what to take and what to leave. He sends them in pairs and with power over unclean spirits. And he prepares them for failure.  What is the good news here?     [ more ]

Twenty Questions (2 Parts)

July 8, 2018: Twenty Questions is a game to try to figure out who the mystery person or thing is. In this case, Rev. Adam tries to...[two mp3 files in link]  [ more ]

Bryan Niebanck Sermon

July 1, 2018--First UCC Milford member Bryan Niebanck preaches on the skeptical laughter that surrounds Jesus in his ministry of healing and teaching [ more ]

Tag: You're It!

June 24, 2018--Rev. Adam describes the game of Tag and its magic/rule of "it"-ness as an analogy to the treatment of lepers in Jesus' day and today's marginalization of particular groups of people. Jesus, however, comes to chase us down..[mp3 audio of sermon in link]. [ more ]

God's Goose (4th Sunday After Pentecost)

June 17, 2018-- In 1 Samuel 15:34-16:13 we hear about the annointing of the shepherd boy David to be the next king to succeed Saul. What is it like for David's brothers to be pick over and not chosen? Turns out there is a good bit of fun and games in the Old Testament.    [ more ]

The Game We Call Life

June 10, 2018--The second of our Fun and Games sermon series contends with how games offer a manageable balance of certainty and unceratinty (contingency), and allow us... [mp3 file of sermon in link] [ more ]

In Christ's Name We Play

June 3, 2018--Rev. Adam kicks off the summer 2018 sermon series, Fun and Games, by reviewing what defines play, games, and sports, before he reflects on the interaction... [mp3 file of sermon in link] [ more ]

The Memory of Suffering

May 27, 2018--For Memorial Day, Rev. Adam sets out four ways we remember suffering and how our faith is based on the inherited memory of Christ's suffering and the power of God's love to redeem suffering and our memories of it. [mp3 file of sermon in link] [ more ]

What Do We Do Now? (Pentecost 2018)

May 20, 2018--Rev. Ashley preaches on the Pentecost story of Acts 2, focusing on the question asked by the many witnesses who are convicted by the event to do something new: "What do we do now?" [mp3 file in link] [ more ]

God's Friend Ship

May 6, 2018--On this Confirmation Sunday, Rev. Adam proclaims that Christ's words to his disciples to have love for their friends is the challenge for us today to be alchemists of love and to board God's Universal Friend Ship. [pdf text of the sermon in link] [ more ]

Everything We Need

April 22, 2018 (Earth Day)--Psalm 23:1 declares that God is our shepherd, and we have everything we need. But if people were able to make this declaration over 2,500 years ago, how indispensible is our disposal culture of today? [mp3 file of sermon in link] [ more ]

So Long

April 15, 2018--In this sermon on Luke 24:36-49, Rev. Adam shares good news within the story of Jesus saying goodbye ("So long!") and making his disciples wait (so long!) for the Spirit to arrive. [mp3 file of sermon in link] [ more ]

April Fools for Christ

April 1, 2018 [Easter]--Rev. Adam reflects on how the world may look at Jesus' teachings, life, death and resurrection as foolishness, but how...[pdf of text and so-so quality mp3 audio file of sermon in link] [ more ]

What? A Covenant?

March 18, 2018--Jeremiah's promise of a new covenant reveals how in all times God reaches out with reconciling power to those who are divided--yes, even to us and them (whoever us and them are in the moment!). [mp3 audio of sermon in link] [ more ]

Lifted Up

March 11, 2018--Rev. Ashley preaches on the story of the snake lifted up to save the Israelites from dying of snake bites, and it's connection to the story of Jesus. [audio file in link] [ more ]


March 4, 2018--Rev. Adam shares a four-course sermon on how Jesus is consumed by anger over the way the Jerusalem temple is being used. [mp3 of sermon in link] [ more ]

Hanging Up the Bow

February 18, 2018--In this sermon days after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, Rev. Adam preaches on God's relationship with violence; God's act of hope in setting the bow in the clouds; and how we may like God and Christ discontinue cycles of escalating violence. [ more ]


February 11, 2018--On Transfiguration Sunday, Rev. Adam preaches about the threads Jesus wears that turn dazzling white and the threads of the biblical story... [ more ]

Initiated Into God's 'Now'

January 21, 2018--In a second baptism-themed, comic-inspired sermon, Rev. Adam proclaims how baptism is a portal into the now-ness of God's kingdom.  [ more ]

Come On In, the Water's Fine!

January 14, 2018--During the frigid temperatures of our bleak mid-winter, Rev. Adam imagines how the sacrament of baptism invites us to swim in the spiritual warmth of the Holy Spirit and God's grace. [ more ]

Delayed Gratification

December 24, 2017--On Christmas Eve morning, Rev. Adam contemplates how Mary used the gift of patience to wait all through her pregnancy for the baby Jesus to be born and for God to arrive in person. [ more ]

Parade Justice, River Justice

November 12, 2017--The prophet Amos, who dares the people to "let justice roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream" [Amos 5:24, NRSV] challenges us today to strive toward justice beyond our episodic and unorganized attempts. [mp3 audio file and pdf text in link] [ more ]

After the Hugs and Kisses

November 5, 2017 (All Saints Sunday)--After God justifies us by faith, God sanctifies us by forming us in God's image as the saints. Rev. Adam refers to three people from Milford who died in the past year as examples of sanctification.  [ more ]

Accessible Faith

October 29, 2017--To commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, Rev. Adam tells the story of Martin Luther and how the reformers made the Christian faith and Bible more accessible.  [ more ]

Keep the Change, Share the Change

September 24, 2017--Rev. Adam, in a sermon on Jesus' parable of the vineyard workers, declares that God's love and grace extend both to the MVPs and the regular Joes of life, to the newly faithful and the lifelong disciples alike; and that Jesus uses the parable to persuade his disciples as us in teh pews to share the Good News with those who will be formed in faith in the future. [ more ]

The "Us" in Jesus

September 10, 2017--A story by Barbara Brown Taylor and the story of Daryl Davis' work to get men to quit the KKK are two illustrations Rev. Adam uses to declare that God, who came to interact directly with humankind, calls us to confront wrongs directly and peacefully. [ more ]

Only One Person

August 27, 2017--In the fifth and final summer sermon on "What Are People For?", Rev. Adam traces the many players in the salvation of the baby Moses to declare the good news that it only takes one person to sustain life and faith in young people today.  [ more ]

New Under the Sun

August 13, 2017--Is there anything new under the sun? Ecclesiastes suggests no, while Mark says Jesus is declaring good news, and John the Evangelist suggests this Jesus is something old AND something new. Rev. Adam lays it out and finds God's work in innovation in this fourth of five sermons on "What Are People For?" [ more ]

Renewal of Praise

August 6, 2017--As part three in the "What Are People For?" sermon series, Rev. Adam describes the essential human tendency to give praise and how praise both lifts up the greatness of God and our own value as God's children. [ more ]


July 23, 2017--Sermon Two in the "What Are People For?" summer series--Despite the ways in which society has moved away from industry and making things, Rev. Adam discusses the God-given desire to create (especially with our hands) as a joy to continue to practice and another thing that people are for. [ more ]

What Are People For?

July 2, 2017--In the first of five summer sermons, Rev. Adam begins to ask what people are FOR from a Christian perspective, using both the high school youth group's mission trip and the upcoming 4th of July to reflect on how we are created to respond to God's love for us. [ more ]

The Evenhanded Bravo

June 11, 2017--Preaching on Colossians and Romans, Rev. Adam proclaims God's impartial and infinite love for all creation that applauds the ministry of all people when done in love. [ more ]

God's Y'All

May 7, 2017--Rev. Adam preaches to the young adults being confirmed and to all those present about what it means to live as members of God's Y'all, based on what we're told are the practices of the very first Christian community and the long religious tradition of y'all-ness leading up to that moment. What are the implications for today when we accept God's claim on us to be part of God's y'all? All y'all are welcome to read and listen to this sermon!  [ more ]

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