Holding space for you

Dear First Church community and friends,

In the aftermath of the tragedy in Uvalde, Texas, we take this time to grieve the unconscionable loss of life and to mourn with the community of Robb Elementary School.

Our hearts are broken. Broken for those in Uvalde. For those in Buffalo. For those retraumatized by another act of gun violence.

With broken hearts our prayers sound like wailing. From crushed souls our prayers sound like gushing anger and seeping whimpers. Longing, disbelief, pleading, hoping, expecting, sadness, disgust, ...God hears our prayers—the ones that have words and the prayers that don't.

Our resolve is not broken as we try to understand, give meaning to this loss of life, love our children and forge a way forward into a future of peace.

We are here for you and with you.

We are sharing opportunities for you hold some sanctuary time in your First Church space, gather for a vigil with us at St. Peter's Episcopal, seek God's light for those who are grieving, and help us respond as God would have us.

We offer this prayer issued by the UCC as a way to give words to our grief: https://bit.ly/UCCendcycleofviolenceprayerUvalde


Rev. Suzanne & Rev. Ashley

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