Christian Outreach

At First Church, we dedicate a portion of our resources and our energy to outreach into our community and our world.  Our primary vehicle for this ministry is the Christian Outreach Committee made up of approximately a dozen individuals elected by the congregation. However, their work is supplemented by many others and supported generously by the congregation.  

We maintain a Food Closet at First Church and working with local welfare agencies, we make food available to individuals in emergency situations as well as during holidays.  Groups of volunteers serve meals at the Beth El Shelter and especially during the holidays, deliver food to families in need in our community.

Our newest ministry launch as of February 2016 is Milford Food 2 Kids!  In this ministry we partner with the CT Food Bank to bridge the gap in food insecurity for some of Milford's neediest children.  We work with 2 schools and serve 26 students identified by the school professional.  We simply want to feed hungry children. For as little as $7/wkend, you can supply meals for a child, and for $280 you can sponsor a child for 40 weekends (school year)!  In March we will begin receiving donations for sponsorship and any other donations--any amount helps and lets the children out there know that someone in their community cares.  Continue to follow this ministry's progress and keep it and the children in your prayers. 

The Christian Outreach Committee will often bring before the congregation the special needs of people throughout the world who are suffering from natural disasters or war, and working through the United Church of Christ and Church World Service, we bring our offerings to those in need. Although what we bring often seems small in comparison to the overwhelming suffering in our world, we give consistently and in covenant with other churches.

Above all, we know that our giving will help to feed some hungry people, give some poor children a chance at an education, and make some people a few degrees warmer. It is what Jesus has called us to do.

The Christian Outreach Committee is also responsible for allocating our resources to organizations and service groups within our community.  Some of the groups supported in the past include the Pivot Ministries (a Christian based residency program for former prisoners and addicts), the Milford Rape Crisis Center, the Nathan Smith Clinic AIDS Care Program at Yale New Haven Hospital, the Milford Young Parent Program, the Milford Anti Hate Task Force, the Integrated Refugee and Immigrant Services (IRIS) \, and a YMCA Summer Camp scholarship program.

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