Introducing Yourselves

During this pandemic, meeting each other requires more work than simply walking into our Sanctuary on a Sunday morning (although we are having some worship services, which often require RSVPing).

However, there are a few easy ways to make yourself known to us.

First, you can email the Office Administrator, Nicole Moore, at, or call at 203.877.4277. Nicole can answer preliminary questions you have or direct you to other people who might. Some of those people might include Rev. Adam Eckhart (Senior Pastor); Rev. Ashley Grant (Associate Pastor); Ann Sabo (Moderator); Dan Brownell (Music Minister); or Kelsey DeCarlo (Faith Formation Minister). 

If you head over to the Be the Church from Home page or the News and Events page, you'll find links to social events such as Zoom coffee hours, Tuesday evening meditations, monthly Bible and Brews, and other (for now) online offerings to meet people of faith in the community. You can also connect on our Facebook page.

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