Expectations for Worship

The pastors like to say, as is a long-standing United Church of Christ tradition, that "no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you're welcome here!" This is true especially in this time of pandemic, when we make efforts to include people no matter their technological or other abilities.

Each week since mid-March 2020, we have broadcast worship on YouTube at 10 AM on Sunday. This coincides with when we traditionally have our Sanctuary worship. 

Our worship services are distinguished by a few things: 
a) Layperson participation: We have both extroverts and introverts in our community, and many of them (perhaps more of the extroverts) have helped lead our pre-recorded online worship. Worship is not just for the professionals to do!
b) Family-accessible: We have many families who participate actively in the church, so as much as possible we try to make our worship an experience that helps people of all ages grow in faith. This includes having children's messages on many Sundays; having explanations of Bible readings; using stories in sermons; and lots of visuals that engage younger people.
c) High-quality music: You might think that pandemic church music would just be someone bnaging out a hymn on a piano, but we dedicate time as much as we can to provide quality music, often that is a collaboration of people who have recorded themselves separately but whose music has been combined to re-create an ensemble making music coincidentally.
d) Engaging, relevant messages: Our pastors, Ashley and Adam, write prayers and sermons that speak to what is going on in the moment. They do not shy away from controversial topics and seek to uphold the Open and Affirming covenant that we help each other affirm people who have historically been marginalized. 
e) "God is still speaking": Our church tradition is grounded in a theology of progressive revelation: that God continues to break forth more light and truth today. So we wrestle with how God may be trying to telling us something that we need to hear now so that we can be the church God needs in the world now. 

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