The Steeple: 2022 Restoration Project

For over 383 years, the founding Church of Milford, CT, has been a beacon to the community. Our current Meetinghouse pictured above, will soon celebrate 200 years of standing tall.

To preserve our magnificent structure as a centerpiece in our community, we now need to undertake the renovation and restoration of our steeple. It is a large project and undertaking that will be expensive, but one we expect to last long into the future!

Over the last few years our building has undergone many renovations, including portico column repairs, roof truss supports and most recently the major upgrading of our heating and air conditioning systems. All funded by our Congregation through their continued donations and ongoing support.

So now, we appeal to you, our neighbors and community members, who share our love for this special place. This time we can't do it alone and are hopeful that the community will rally behind us to preserve our place in Milford.

Our Trustees have, thus far, hired an engineering firm (GNCB), authorized and obtained an evaluation report. The report details the work required to restore our 135 feet tall steeple, which sustained damage due to aging and weather-related deterioration.

We have a long way to go. Preliminary estimates anticipate the cost of restoration to the steeple and abutting roof structure to be in excess of $500,000.

As we commence our fund-raising events, we hope that you will support us.

We have established a "Steeple Fund" for donations, which is intended to be used as we seek grants from local, state, and private foundations and agencies. Many of these grants require matching contributions which demonstrate community support for the project.

Donations may be made through our website giving page or by mailing to the church office: First UCC/34 West Main Street/Milford, CT 06460

For more information or if you would like to discuss matching funds, please contact Rev. Adam Eckhart: 203-877-4277.

Fundraising Opportunities: 

March 22, 2022 - Glassblowing Steeple Fundraiser (sign up)

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