Contacting Church Staff

There are two primary ways for people to reach our staff: calling the church office at 203.877.4277 or sending an email to one or more of them.

Office Administrator, Nicole Moore
Nicole can answer basic questions about church events and ministries, find the answer, or connect you with someone who does. Nicole oversees the master calendar, so if you're hoping to inquire about space usage, she's the person to contact!

Kelsey DeCarlo, Minister of Faith Formation
Kelsey collaborates with the Faith Formation Ministry team to coordinate Sunday School, our middle school youth group (JPF), Confirmation 1, and other formation events for people of all ages! Contact her with questions about how to be formed in faith!

Rev. M. Ashley Grant, Associate Pastor
Rev. Ashley collaborates with several ministry teams to lead the Milford Food 2 Kids ministry, Senior PF (high school youth group), Confirmation 2, as well as help lead worship and provide pastoral care. She's connected to the community! Contact her to find out more about what she and many volunteers do.

Rev. Adam Eckhart, Senior Pastor
Rev. Adam works with the deacons to oversee worship, pastoral care, and membership; heads the staff; collaborates with the Trustees in facilities and financial decisions; and is a resource to many of our church's leaders. Feel free to reach out to him over email!

For more information about church staff and volunteer leaders, please click [HERE].

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