Shake It Off (8th Sunday After Pentecost)

July 15, 2018--Rev. Ashley will preach on Jesus sending out the twelve from Mark 6:7-13. It follows Jesus' rejection in his own hometown of Nazareth.

Jesus gives the 12 disciples instructions for their mission, including what to take and what to leave. He sends them in pairs and with power over unclean spirits. And he prepares them for failure. What is the good news here?

Have you ever had training on what to do if you lose, if plans don't work out as expected?  

What advise have you had on coping with rejection or failure? What did that coach tell you? What have you learned in your profession or through experience?

What should we tell our young people to help them on their journey?

What does Jesus say? 

Come & join us for Worship on July 15, 2018 at 8 AM in Woodruff Chapel or at 9:30 AM in the Main Sanctuary.

Cartoon by Kurt Shaffert is a cartoonist and chaplain!  


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