Hearing Voices

January 13, 2019--Luke's story of Jesus' baptism includes two voices--John the Baptist speaking about Jesus and God speaking to Jesus--that Rev. Adam explores and connects to our own experiences of voices, baptism, and God's love.

Note: the audio is less clear when Rev. Adam moves forward to speak as the imagined professional wrestler, the J.T.B., so here's the text of what he says:
"Hey all you Baptism-A-Maniacs out there! It's the J.T.B., coming at ya!
"I am the world champion of spiritual wrestling. I have taken on countless men and women, put them in the Repentence Headlock; dunked them in the water; made them beg God for mercy--and forgiveness!
"But listen, brother! There is another who is coming who is mightier than I! I am not worthy to untie his wrestling shoes! I baptized you with mere water, but he shall baptize with the Holy Spirit and with fire!
"He will determine who remains in the ring and who is tossed out.
"This is God's will. I tag his hand now. J.T.B., out!" 

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