Lenten Devotional Series

During this season of Lent, these six and one half weeks, we and Christians around the world will prepare spiritually for the celebration of Easter. We will follow Jesus as he journeys to Jerusalem, where he will suffer and die, before the journey takes a dramatic resurrection turn.

How do you focus on the Lenten Journey? Many will make personal sacrifices. Some will take on a practice of caring.

This Lenten Season, we invite you to journey with us, to stop in to be fed on your journey, to take a time each day to pray, journal, meditate or reflect.

Lenten Offerings:
Week Day Meditations (posted here)
Tuesday: Noon Luncheon—Soup & Bread (Fellowship Hall) Call to sign up 877-4277
Journal Prompts
A Prayer Wall—Fellowship Hall, you can leave a prayer any time
An indoor floor Labyrinth—guidance will be available in Fellowship Hall where the Labyrinth will be on the floor.

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The Prodigal Son by Rudyard Kipling

March 22, 2019 -- The story of the prodigal son has stirred the creativity and imagination of many. Consider this version in poetry.  [ more ]


March 21, 2019--Hear the story of the prodigal. [ more ]

Prodigal Son Journey

March 20, 2019--Prodigal Son - Consider a journey of return and reconciliation with family. [ more ]

Lost Sheep

March 19. 2019—In Luke 15, Jesus stops on his journey to Jerusalem to tell stories about finding lost things. [ more ]

Lost & Found--Sardines Revival

March 18, 2019--Lost & Found. Skills for the journey. Have you ever been searched for? [ more ]

If I can stop one Heart from breaking by Emily Dickinson

March 15, 2019 -- Fridays during Lent bring us to a poem for reflection on our Journey with Jesus toward Jerusalem. [ more ]

Good Samaritan & Sam

March 14, 2019 -- How do we break down the barriers of understanding and loving all our neighbors?   [ more ]

The Good Samaritan

March 13, 2019--Looking Ahead to Sunday's Sermon
The Parable of the Good Samaritan: Its Offensive, Challenging, and Transformative Good News [ more ]

Who Is My Neighbor?

March 12, 2019--In Luke 10, an expert in the law has a conversation with Jesus... [ more ]

Patrick, bishop, missionary to Ireland

March 11, 2019--Patrick journeyed, by force and by choice. [ more ]

The Journey by Mary Oliver

March 8, 2019 -- Fridays during Lent are for poems. Mary Oliver seems a fitting poet with whom to begin our Lenten Journey! [ more ]

A Prayer -- Journeying with Christ

March 7, 2019--On Thursdays during Lent, we offer a prayer for your journey and the one we share as we follow Jesus on his Journey to Jerusalem.  [ more ]

Journey to Jerusalem

March 6, 2018--Lent begins. In Luke's gospel, "when the days drew near for Jesus to be taken up, he set his face to go to Jerusalem." It is not a direct route. Neither is it an easy path. Follow anyway... [ more ]

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