Prayer of the Heart 

by Maren C. Tirabassi

Journeying, searching God--
Down all the paths of
all the lives of
all the souls of
all of time
you travel.

What is this things being lost in me
that you know?
I am too short to understand, 
for the crowd of things
I pull around me
blocks my sight,
and yet I run ahead of you
and climb that tree
that gives a glimpse 
of life to one
too short to understand.

When you come my way,
look up adn say--
"Come down with haste.
I am here to stay with you today."

Welcome, kind, searching God--
come through
the crowding fears
and meet my wondering joy.
Come in to save
what's being lost in me.
Come down
my path, my life, my soul
to save one sinner
from an empty-handed self,
to save one sinner's house
from blame,
to save me among others
in heart-hardened distance
from the poor.

Kind journeying, searching God--
Come in our time
and stay so we may feast.
Bind us heart and house 
and hand
in love to you,
that we may never be again
too short to understand.

An Improbably Gift of Blessing: Prayers and Affirmations to Nurture the Spirit. United Church Press, Cleveland, Ohio 44115 ©1998 by Maren C. Tirabassi and Joan Jordan Grant

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