Wondrous Works

Thursday, March 15, 2018Psalm 119

Your first challenge is to read through the whole Psalm...Whew, it is long.

If you can't, make it to vs 48: "I will meditate on your wondrous works."

The two things that I appreciate about this: permission to meditate and recalling God's wondrous works (and aren't they all around). 

What works will you meditate on today?

Here are my three:

1.) Hallelujah (Easter Version)

2.) Fallen Leaf Lake, Tahoe (one of my all-time favorite places)

3.) Taking my family to watch A Wrinkle In Time.

Your meditations will be different than mine, but there's plenty to chose from, thank God!

Prayer: Thank you, God, for all of your wondrous works, and for the time to consider your hand in creation. Amen.

                                                                                                                                      Rev. Ashley

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