Monday, February 19                    Matthew 6:19-21 (or read from 6:1-21, if time permits)
Ash Wednesday passed, when we marked foreheads and hands with ashes (made from last year's palms) mixed with oil. This helps us remember that we are dust and to dust we shall return. Meanwhile, we live now. Now is a good time to dust off the scripture and read it in today's context.
So, that is my intention for Lent:
• Read the "Now"ness of the lectionary text;
• Reflect on it, from where I am now--maybe a mom's lens, maybe as a wife, maybe as a minister, or a youth leader, a friends or sister, etc.

 "For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also."

This reading from Matthew is just a snippet of Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. It is one thin layer of a great stack of faith practices that distinguish right ways and wrong ways of doing everything: from praying to giving, forgiving to avoiding temptations, fasting to "saving up." It is indeed a compact, action-oriented sermon!

Here's what I am thinking: What are my treasures? And maybe to answer that, I have to assess to whom or what am I investing my time, energy, love and resources?

Weekend Observation: Our church treasures our youth and children. I witnessed dozens of adults making extra efforts to care for our youth: from a Rock-A-Thon for the middle schoolers to a Can & Bottle Drive for the high schoolers to a Children's Program for little ones and bowling at Monster golf with the older kids. Hundreds of hours of face-to-face between caring adults and kids. That builds strong community, a support network for each one involved, gives witness to what is in our hearts.

Prayer: God, help me to examine my heart and my treasures. Amen.

Rev. Ashley

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