The Spirit of Aloha

Lenten Reading for Saturday, March 9, 2013:

The spirit of aloha is a way of life and well-being embraced by native Hawaiians for hundreds of years. Traditionally the word aloha was a greeting reserved for loved ones by rubbing noses and then inhaling each other's breath (alo = in the presence of, ha = breath of life).

To live with aloha is the secret to well-being for the people of Hawaii. It is an inner knowledge, by birth, to be loving and genuine in all interactions with people and nature, for all life is connected.

It is how you say hello, it is sharing food, caring for strangers, a nod of the head, understanding one another, a smile, kindness, honesty, touch, empathy in times of grief and a free willingness to love, as naturally as children naturally as mother nature loves the earth.

(Submitted by Dana and Nancy Rotman)

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