The Easiest and the Hardest Thing

Tuesday, February 20, 2018
Scripture Reading: Romans 4:13-17 (and Genesis 9:8-17)

When God establishes a covenant with Noah, God promises to not flood the earth ever again. But there are no terms of what Noah, any other humans, or creation have to do to fulfill the covenant.

At first this seems like the easiest agreement in the world: We just sign up to look pretty, to smile and wave.

But then it starts to hit us, that God has only promised to not do something and that in order to live into this covenant, we have to trust God. And trust can be the hardest task we ever face.

We humans don't always like to trust--we often would prefer to be suspicious, skeptical, and cynical. I see this a lot in how people speak about everything from family relationships to national politics. "Trust someone else? Not for me."

In his letter to the Romans, Paul hones in on the relationship between God and Abraham (and Sarah). This relationship, where God calls out to the elderly couple and promises them countless descendants and a land for them, is a new thing. The couple has to travel west to fulfill the covenant, but even before that, they have to have faith in God and in the promise. Trust--the easiest and most difficult thing in the world.

Reflection questions:
How is God calling us into relationships of trust today?
How is a lack of trust holding back God's kingdom?
What is one way to trust God that will challenge me to follow Christ this Lent?

-Rev. Adam

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