Ray of Sunshine

Friday, February 23

Reading: Psalm 116          "therefore I will call on God as long as I live."

This is a psalm of thanksgiving—a ray of sunshine in the bleakness of the wilderness of Lent.

My first inclination was to read around the text and see where all of this sunshiny, good newsy stuff was coming from. But that detracts from the Lenten intention of reading, listening and reflecting on the "Now" of the text.

Hours ago, I overheard two faithful women talk about prayer as this psalmist did: "I will call on God as long as I live." They said they pray about everything, catching themselves in the act prayer before they even know it. They pray about small things and big things.

The psalmist has a story to each of those couplets. There was a snare encompassing him and death pangs and suffering. There was prayer bargaining with offers of sacrifice and vows. Who hasn't uttered those prayers before? There is complaint and confession. And there is adoration. Each story informs and forms the trust between psalmist and God, and consequently inspires that prayer practice of unceasing fervor, like that of the women I mentioned.

What will you pray today? Now? Just an "I love you, Lord." Or is it a "Help, Lord" prayer day. Maybe it is a "thank you, Lord," day. Or just maybe your prayer will flow, including all of those prayer moments like the psalmist.

Pray the Psalm if all else fails.

                Rev. Ashley

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