Looking Through the Church Window

Lenten Reading for Good Friday, March 29, 2013:

"Looking Through the Church Window"

by David Greogry

"Wobbly Glass" a soft diffusion
Looking in a scene gone by
The pews full, all looking to the pulpit
Hats and white gloves, summer dresses
Suits and slicked down hair
All attention given, save for a little one
Restless, marking his scribble pledge
And the oldest one, meaning well
But nodding off half way through the sermon –
Music raising spirits, its notes flying
Organ and choir and congregation
Bursting with familiar words,
Struggling through something new
Or something long forgotten –
The message comes down
Based on this weeks scripture
Add a dash of humor, a personal story
Wrap it in the meaning and reinforce –
Wind whisk the years ahead
The scene much the same
The dress more casual
Whatever keeps them coming in
"Dunk'n Donuts" and short pants
Hair in great confusion
Children stories, grown-up stories
It is not complicated, it is believing
No magic act, no slight of hand
The little one pledges, the older one doses
Wind whisk the years away
Looking out to the branches waving
A passer by, a dog walker
Past that to leaves and sky
Past that to the past
Past that to the future
Past that to what's on your mind
Past that to what is good in your life
To what is good in you
To what you've lost
Past that to some kind of resolve
For a day, a week, a month
Strength for what's beyond the glass
My God is not fearful.

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