I Don't Want To

Lenten Reading for Maundy Thursday, March 28, 2013:

“I don’t want to, you can’t make me.”
by David Gregory

“Eat your peas.”
“Stay in the yard.”
“Play with your sister.”
“Walk the dog.”
“Get ready for bed.”
“Hold your brother’s hand.”
“Brush your teeth.”
“Look both ways.”
-“Quiet, can’t you see I’m on the phone?”
“Settle down.”
“Do your homework.”
-“Play the game my way.”
“Listen to me.”
“Use a #2 pencil.”
“Get in line.”
“Stay on the path.”
“Don’t talk to your neighbor.”
-“Tell me how you feel.”
“Fill in all the blanks.”
“Cross at the crosswalks.”
“Make sure the sky is blue.”
“Please, cut the lawn.”
“Pay the money up front.”
-“Don’t you think you should go visit?”
-“Listen to what I’m saying.”
-“Think about me for a change.”
“Do as you’re told.”
-“Why don’t you do it once in awhile?”
“Read it before you sign it.”
-“Let’s go now!”
“You have to go to work.”
-“Try and understand me.”
-“Don’t you want to know?”
“Take your pills.”
-“Wish for the best.”
-“It’s O.K. to let go.”

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