I Am Separated

Lenten Reading for Friday, March 15, 2013:

I Am Separated…
by David Gregory

I am separated from the real world
By a pane of glass –
Outside nature cycles
But I don’t have to go outside
My working days are done
If I wanted, I could isolate
But why would I or anyone
Be anymore separated than we are
Ice and drifts of snow
Summer heat and driving rain
Keep us apart
A dollar bill in my pocket or yours
What my parents taught me
When I listened to my friends
Could create canyons
How we see religion
Who you vote for
Or what you wear
The way you do your hair
My God, shall we mention skin
There are so many divisions
Because we tire, we lose sight
Cherished to “What’s for dinner” –
So many things are beyond the glass
The rain dribbling down
The snow circling in the wind
The world outside is inside us
We carry those conflicts
So that even standing alone
The real world is within us
And everyday we must decide

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