How Well It's Hidden

Lenten Reading for Friday, March 8, 2013:

How Well It\'s Hidden
by David Gregory

How well it’s hidden
A gentle mist reveals only an outline –
Moving toward it chases it away.
Walking in an echoing fog
Brings you no closer –
It’s always around the corner.
So many mysteries to be revealed –
Lifting the veil, ripping away the mask
Layers shrouded, waiting for the second drink.
Hands trembling in front of the unconscious curtain –
When it finally parts for a moment
We see a summer lamppost circled in light
Standing sentry in the darkness
Lonely circles straight up the street to the horizon –
Guardians of the night.
A winter moon, white on white
With greens turned black – lake ice cracking
Somewhere water rushing.
Morning sunrise spilling God’s greeting –
This then the light.
This glimpse has shadows
Faces past and forward
Popping out, teasing, taunting
Charging at me with laughter and tears
There is no fear on either side.
This is the company they keep
Telling broken stories, jokes, punch line first –
Famous, familiar, unknown –
It comes so quick and will not stay
The cast is sometimes different
The message is of courage, strength and survival –
Rarely do they take a bow
The curtain closes and the room comes in focus –
Sounds return – most times the day has ended.
Worlds parallel, past to future, sometimes just today.

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