Tuesday, March 13, 2018--John 12:20-24   "but if it dies, it bears much fruit."

I can see some of my favorite authors working this into their routine writing...

Wendell Berry might just stroll out to his garden, and wonder at the green sprouts and about the Coulters and the Catletts and Jayber too. He thinks about putting things in dirt and waiting for results. And being astounded and humbled every time.

I think of Annie Dillard imagining if you were to plant a star as a seed. What would you get? A harvest for the cosmos. But would you remember the next day? And would you eat?

The little verse truly resonates with me.

It bears much fruit, the seed that dies,
Interred 'neath soil, and tamped by sole.
Quiet and warm, in state it lies,
Til kiss of worm and sun bid earth's toll.

I remember too when Sue Palmer would shake down the plants in her garden. Shake the seeds out of them. She would collect the seeds and store them in Ziplock Baggies and Mason Jars. Sue gave me a big stash of seeds, with verbal instructions. She also harvested specimen from her garden for me to plant, which I did--ferns and bleeding hearts, all kinds of plants. I didn't plant the seeds after Sue died. I kept them tight in that mason jar, ready to last forever. Don't know what I was waiting on. 

 100% of the seeds you don't plant, won't grow.

Let us pray: God who provides the growth, help us to grow. And may we at least see a glimpse of all the good work you have done. Amen.

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