A Prayer -- Journeying with Christ

March 7, 2019

Your life was a journey
from the moment you were born.
From birth to death.
From Bethlehem's stable
to Calvary's cross.
How often we fail to understand,
that the conclusion of your journey
was inevitable,
that you understood this
from the very beginning,
and yet still walked the path
that was yours to take.
By comparison
the many choices we make
in our life seem trivial,
the twists and turns we choose
are often taken on impulse,
with no clear comprehension of the outcome.
Thank you, Jesus.
Thank you that you loved humankind enough
to make that journey,
even as you felt the pain of rejection,
the pain of the lashes,
the pain of the nails,
the pain of the cross.

by John Birch

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