Funerals & Memorials

Funerals and Memorial Servies at the First United Church of Christ, Congregational, Milford, CT

For Christians, gathering to mourn the dead, give thanks for their life and proclaim the hope of Resurrection are essential practices of our faith.

The church and its pastors provide a solid foundation of compassion and traditions that can help you in the beginning of the long journey of grief to come.

If you are hoping to involve the church and a pastor in a memorial or funeral for a loved one, we recommend that you reach out to us before locking in when to have a service, as our schedules are often filled with other responsibilties.

Some of the ways that First Church Milford can help you lift up the life of your loved one:
Hosting a service in our Sanctuary or Chapel: First Church MIlford has two worship spaces--the Sanctuary/Meetinghouse, with seating for up to 400 people; and an intimate Chapel, with seating for 50 people (available on Saturdays or evenings). When a family has a service at the Sanctuary or Chapel, one of the church's pastors usually officiates and our Music MInister plays hymns and other music on the organ or piano. Our Office Administrator, Nicole Moore, helps answer questions leading up to the service and works with the pastor to print bulletins for the service if requested. Moore can explain over the phone the fee schedule for a funeral.

Hosting a reception: Occasionally, the family asks to have the repast or reception in our Fellowship Hall following the service. Our Fellowship Hall can fit approximately 70 people at tables or 90-100 people standing. In most cases, the family will need to provide catered food, and a funeral reception coordinator will help organize the space and event. There are extra fees for a reception. 

Pastors officiating at a funeral home: Revs. Adam Eckhart and Ashley Grant have a combined forty years of experience conducting services in remembrance of loved ones. On some occasions, they are asked to lead a memorial or prayer service at a funeral home such as Doyle-Smith or Cody-White in Milford.  

Graveside services: Our pastors may also conduct a service at the cemetery either as a stand-alone service or after a memorial service is over.   

One place where you may consider resting the cremains of your loved one is at First Church MIlford's Memorial Garden. It is a place of devotion and beauty set aside for memorials, the scattering of ashes, and visiting the resting place of your loved one. Set in the shadow of our Woodruff Chapel, it is above all a place to honor the memory of loved ones. The Memorial Garden is governed and maintained by the Memorials Committee of First Church, and it is available to all members and past members of the Church and their families.

To speak with a minister regarding a Service of Rememberance, contact us through the Church Office at 203.877.4277.

To help you with pre-funeral planning and to understand common funeral and memorial service terms, you may download the forms below:

Rev. Adam Eckhart, Senior Pastor
Rev. Ashley Grant, Associate Pastor

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