Advent Joy from Bryan--Friday, Dec. 13

Reading: My birthday is coming up next month, and as I still read everyone's posts on our blogs from Introduction to Philosophy class, I happened to read a classmate's blog about birthdays.  He asked, "Why should we annually congratulate someone on their continued survival?"  He continued to say, if we do that, why not congratulate someone for surviving another month, another 257 hours?  Why a year?  Why celebrate continued survival at all?  A good question.  And I started thinking, and a few thoughts came into my head.

from Introduction to Philosophy class, Ben Bonessi

Reflection: Birthdays are a way to give thanks for another year alive, yes.  Well, isn't life a gift in itself?  Don't we wake up each morning and praise God for another day to live, as don't we know that tomorrow is never guaranteed?  "Tomorrow, tomorrow.  I love ya, tomorrow, it's always a day away."  That's what Annie Jr. says.  Tomorrow is never able to be touched, it is right there, and yet so far away.  How can we be satisfied that we will be able to grasp hold of it like a frog catching a fly trying to escape, or us trying to catch our cell phone before it plunges into the lake below?

About procrastination, why do we always postpone something till tomorrow when tomorrow is never guaranteed?  Do we take too much for granted?  I think that is why it is necessary to celebrate life.  Birthdays are a form of joy.  Joy for the greatest gift.  Joy for life.

And don't even get me started on how corrupt birthdays have become, like Christmas, with buying gifts and such.  No gift can ever top the gift of life.

by Bryan Niebanck

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