Thank You Rev. Jim!

After over 14 years of ministering with us, our Senior Pastor, the Rev. Dr. James Tudesco, retired at the end of April.  His last service with us was Sunday, April 28th.

This collection of reflections was gathered via our website and in written form at Rev. Jim's retirement party. Thanks to all who helped wish Rev. Jim and Sherrie farewell and God's blessings in their retirement

If you would like to add a reflection, you may use the form in our Contact Us section or by following this link.

Thank you!

Brittany Boroski

My Grandfather liked and respected you and that in my eyes makes him a pure soul and a good man ... [ more ]

Joan Caravan

It was your words that made me stop and think about my spiritual life; think deeper, ask questions, be faithful. Thank you for that ... [ more ]

Trish Cobain

Thank you for 14 years Mike and I have been members that long! Your first "New Members" class. Without you and your inspiration ... [ more ]

Jimmy Cobain

When and how did you meet Rev. Jim?:  When I was born and baptized at the church ... I am going to miss you ... [ more ]

Letty Corrado

Rev. Jim I want to thank you for your words of wisdom as we "The Stewardship Committee" were about to take on the task of painting Fellowship Hall. You said and I quote "If you are going to undertake that job, please use the best paint possible ... [ more ]

Pete DeLucia

My fondest memories are simply the great leadership and thoughtful sermons delivered weekly ... Thank you Jim, for all your years of ... [ more ]

Lara Edmondson

I remember your first sermon here when the message was the same as today's. I've always cherished it ... Thank you for your guidance, knowledge, support and concern for our church ... [ more ]

Dick Furanna

Jim - we will miss your warm and steady presence at First Church for all of these years and the friendship we have had with you and Sherri. I will personally remember the comfort we received from having you perform both my parents funerals, the spiritual guidance received from you in ... [ more ]

Peggy Miller Furanna

I am the lucky one! I was the temporary Church Secretary several years ago awaiting return to nursing school.  I got to spend days with Jim, Adam, Bob Sabo, Roger, Sam Greer (master communion bread cutter); John Connelly and many church members too numerous to mention... [ more ]

Mel Fenn

I want to thank you for everything you have done. Robin & I have been to many of your bible studies and always found them to be great. When T.J. wanted to be baptized you took the time and ... [ more ]

Linda Haas

I recall our first meeting was in the summer of 2000, when I was embarking upon a "church search" with one of my close friends, as we were both seeking new spiritual homes. My friend and I decided to attend a different place of worship every Sunday that summer in the hope of finding a faith home. You were leading the worship service, and although... [ more ]

Karen Helene

I became a grown up at First Church. That is to say, I did grown up things at First Church: I got married; I baptized my daughter; I brought my daughter back for Sunday School, wanting her to gain a strong faith foundation. But a funny thing happened while I was doing these grown up things ... [ more ]

Lucy Helene

I met Rev. Jim when I was a baby on my first day of church ... I hope the rest of your journey of life is fantastic ... [ more ]

Robin Lewis

Thank you for your support and interest in the Music Ministry. I will you and Sherrie a happy retirement full of new adventures ... [ more ]

Nancy and Bob Macklin

We met Jim when Bob and I joined the Church in 2005 ... Happy Retirement! Enjoy every day ... [ more ]

David L. Mossman

It has always been a great joy to meet you & listen to your inspirational messages during my visits to CT.  From your attitude, compassion for others, sincerity, genuinness, & sweetness of personality, it is easy to see Our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ in & through you ... [ more ]

Frank and Sandy Mossman

Thank you for all your inspirational sermons and your 14 years of service to our church and community. We wish you many healthy and happy years of retirement.  Oh yes, a wish for wonderful gardening weather ... [ more ]

Lindsey and Ryan Murphy

Jim's sermons were moving, his service inspiring, and his knowledge impressive.  We got to know Reverend Jim on a more personal level during his Sunday night bible study classes.  Through our discussions, we came to find a better undertanding of and appreciation for God's word.  His knowledge of the history ... [ more ]

Bryan Niebanck

I can't pinpoint any one fondest memory; they are all good ... Your sermon today about faith will have a lasting impact on the congregation. I loved the quote which basically said  faith was more important than success, than wealth, and than all else ... [ more ]

Holly Nitchke-Ellison

My fondest memories of Jim were his services at our home for the passing of my sister ... There is not enough paper or time to express my personal feelings or thanks; so all I can say is ... [ more ]

Stephen Nitchke-Ellison

Rev. Pastor Jim, Thank you for Always being there for my family and I. I'm so Happy that Holly brought me to First Church and this Congregation, and having the pleasure to know you. I remember Your being there when Holly's sister Karen passed away and again ... [ more ]

Susan Pavelko

 I was so fortunate to serve on the search committee that enthusiastically recommended you to serve as our spiritual leader and pastor.  Jim and I had the privilege of attending the church service at the East Hartford UCC one Sunday morning when you were preaching.  We were both impressed with your genuine, heartfelt ... [ more ]

Sharon Poole

Upon moving to Milford, I came here to church and was struck by you fine sermon and gentle manner ... Your prayers were always very sensitive, thoughtful, and thought provoking ... [ more ]

Lori Quirk

I grew up in a Congregational Church. My mother taught 2nd grade and we had to memorize the 23rd Psalm in order to receive our Bible at the end of  2nd grade. Last year Jim gave a sermon about the 23rd Psalm that made me truly understand and ... [ more ]

Nancy Rosenblum

I am most grateful for the time you spent with my family around the dining roon table after Rachel died ... May the rest of your lives be filled with love peace and growth ... [ more ]

Dana and Nan Rotman

We're going to miss you, Sherrie and Jim.  We've shared some good gardening times and enjoyed the joys of Master Gardening.  We wish you a wonderful retirement.  Stay well, stay happy, and stay in touch. God bless, Dana and Nan

James Sykes

Thank you for your guidance and wisdom. You have helped my progress in my journey in becoming a better father, husband, person, and Christian. All the best ... [ more ]

Rebecca Sykes-Quirk

My fondest  memory is when you made a joke at Easter ... Thank you for making me feel welcome to the church ... [ more ]

Gail Urban

My fondest memories: Your support when my father, Merwin Williams, passed. Seeing you at Milford Hospital when Larry was being transferred from ICU ...  I wish you all the best for a healthy, happy retirement! [ more ]

Don & Angie Westfall

We have fond memories of your service to us in baptizing me, Angie, our daughter, Amelia; renewing our marriage vows for our 15th wedding anniversary (2008); and blessing our new home in 2010. I know Don thoroughly enjoyed attending your weekly Bible Study and the discussions those studies inspire ... [ more ]

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