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June - July Parish Post

June 1, 2018 - First Church Newsletter for June and July 2018. What's happening in our Congregation ... [ more ]

June 22th, 2018 E-Herald

First UCC Milford's reminders about events taking place June 22nd - June 29th, 2018. [ more ]

Upcoming Events

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship Gets Ready for Texas

June will be here before we know it! In April we hosted a Saver's FunDrive to collect shareable stuff that we delivered to Saver's in Orange, CT. 7,300 pounds of clothes and bedding and shoes and more.   [ more ]

Vacation Bible School 2018

July 9-13, 2018 - Mark your calendars! This year our Vacation Bible School (VBS) will focus on the teachings of Jesus through learning and performing Godspell Jr. ... [ more ]

Recent News

Historic Milford Church Makes Musical Comeback

March 18, 2018 - By Pam McLoughlin, New Haven Register - Leaders of First United Church of Christ say the music ministry for which they were long known has returned to its former glory - and for that they are singing the praises of Daniel Brownell, minister of music ... [ more ]

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship--Join Us!

March 10-11--Senior Pilgrim Fellowship is our Youth Group for 9th-12th Graders.  We welcome newcomers! [ more ]

67 Prospect Street Updates

Here you'll be able to find updates about the Prudden property (a.k.a. David L. Baldwin house, 67 Prospect St., Milford) and ways to lovingly speak to people involved in the decisions that will determine the future of the building and land. [ more ]

Live Oaks School Packs with Milford Food 2 Kids

February 22, 2018--Volunteers from Live Oaks along with several seasoned packers, gathered for a great group pack. Read more about them!  [ more ]

Our Youth--Youth Ministry Reflection

February 19, 2018--All—Peter, Carmen, Alex, Helena, Meadow, Alaina, Joaquin, Gina, Jaime, Luke, Cara, Nicholas, Martin and Alyssa—All could have been part of our youth ministry, if you think about how old the victims of the most recent mass shooting were... [ more ]

Milford Food 2 Kids

Have you ever seen a hungry kid? Ask a school teacher.  We will fill the gap, the gap between Friday and Monday, when many children may not know if and how much food will be available to them.  We are delivering individual bags of food to some of Milford's children who could use a little more food secruity ... [ more ]

ShopWithScrip- Gift cards

Now Easier than Ever!-- Buy or order gift cards to stores you already go to at face value in the Narthex before service or at coffee hour! Check or cash only. [ more ]

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