SrPF Freeze Out to Support Veterans

Freeze Out to Support Veterans

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Freeze Out – Update
We heard powerful stories from service members: Chris Gilmore, Gary Becker and Bill LeCurey. We raised awareness of the needs for Veterans. Mia Allbert from Homes for the Brave spoke to us about the wide variety of services and resources that they offer to veterans. We slept out under a clear night sky after a massive afternoon storm. There are many layers of worry to consider for those who are homeless, particularly during the cold months of the year. We shared in a Service of Honor and lit the night with Luminaries for service members and with messages of peace.

Thank you to everyone who supported the effort. Thank you to DJ Dineson for the firewood that kept the fire fueled through the night. Thank you to families and guests who joined us along with way. Thank you to the youth and advisors! It was such a huge step to have this group gather for an extended service opportunity!

Check out the video reflection:

Participants: Anne, Jasmine, Michele, Craig, Pete, Ken, DJ, Jen, Ashley, Emma, David, Aidan, Kat, Sam, Zane, Jack, Caleb, Will, John, Austin, Riley, Emily, Ellie, Abby, Christian, and William. Well done!!!
Some tired folks drifted into 8 AM Gratitude Sunday worship to wrap up an impactful experience.

We will deliver the monetary donations and the Household donations to Homes for the Brave, which will help as their clients are able to transition to stable housing. Thank you donors!

About Homes for the Brave
Homes for the Brave, is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit. ABRI/Homes for the Brave operates four programs: Homes for the Brave, Waldorf House, Veterans Service Center, and Female Soldiers: Forgotten Heroes, Connecticut's first and only transitional housing program exclusively for homeless female Veterans and their children.

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