Home Is Where the Heart Is: Hurricane Relief Project

Nov. 11-12--You can help hurricane victims with the Junior and Senior Pilgrim Fellowship Youth Group at First United Church of Christ in Milford.

Yes, that big church beside the Duck Pond.

We are passionate about helping hurricane victims. We have worked for many years helping people get back into their homes after disasters. And this Hurricane Season has left many disasters! 

So, we are planning---- Home is Where the Heart is: Hurricane Relief Project for Nov. 11-12.

Our mission is to help victims.

This is what we are going to do:

  • sponsor building & clean up supplies
  • raise awareness 
  • raise support to go and help.

We are sponsoring building materials for cleaning up and rebuilding homes through the St Bernard Project, who shrink the time between disaster and recovery. Our group has worked with St Bernard Project since 2008. SBP is already cleaning up flooded and damaged homes in Texas after Hurricane Harvey. They need clean up materials and building supply sponsors. You can see the list of possible items on the sheet attached.

Just think—you could actually sponsormaterials to frame a house!

Simple...but this means so much to a family who has lost everything and who doesn't have the means or insurance to replace it!  Your donation is tax deductible, too!

On Nov. 11-12, we are going to have speakers and our youth group talk about the need, the experience of having to seek shelter, and what support means.

You can show your support by adding to our Luminaries of Support experience. For $5 you can honor someone who has been impacted by one of the recent hurricanes: Harvey, Irma or Maria, or an experience further back...like Hurricane Sandy. These  luminary bags with your message will light the night on Nov. 11-12 and show our community's support for those far away who face such massive struggle.

Finally, we invite you to come and learn that night. Hear our speakers, talk with us and enjoy a soup supper. And come back on Sunday morning for a pancake breakfast. And you can donate your cans & bottles that afternoon as well!

We look forward to sharing more with the community and to really helping those folks in Texas.

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