Diaper Drive


By Sarah Davison

Why are DIAPERS an important Outreach ministry? Why are they essential to our Milford Community? I asked the Congregation this question one Sunday morning during Announcements several years ago. My children were in elementary school at the time, and they stood next to me, holding up large boxes of Pampers above their heads. SILENCE...a few throats were cleared....a few children giggled.....but no one ventured a guess. After explaining our local mission to the Congregation that morning, we walked around the church and spontaneously collected parishioners' spare change for the cause. It was an impulsive giving request and gesture, and it's how we kicked off the Diaper Drive campaign that year. Learning about Diaper Need during this campaign truly opened my eyes to a devastating side of poverty.

If you raised children or lived with a baby in the past, you might remember those piercing cries of discomfort or pain pouring out of a tiny set of lungs and vocal folds when the child needed a diaper change.
Fortunately for me, I picked up my beloved child, changed his or her diaper, sang a comforting diddly and Max and Diana Kate quieted nicely. They happily returned to their lives being babies and toddlers with clean and dry bottoms.

However, for millions of impoverished families with babies, Diaper Need is REAL and HARROWING. If a family cannot change a child's diaper on a regular basis (because they cannot afford the expense), there are many negative consequences, including a multitude of physical and emotional health issues for the child (rashes, infections, mental health issues related to neglect and abuse, etc.), and other shattering family health and welfare issues, including wife and child abuse, maternal anxiety and depression, and drug and alcohol addiction to name a few.

Donate diapers in the upcoming Drive. If you have questions, ask Kristen Ayer (203-623-8903), Outreach Diaper Drive Coordinator.

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