Mission Trips

A major ministry of Senior Pilgrim Fellowship (SrPF), First Church's high school youth group, are its mission trips.  This year, we celebrate 17 years of mission trips and the impact they have had on people and communities far from Milford and the impact on the lives of faith and service among youth who have served on mission trips, many of whom have come back as advisors for future trips and have studied to become or became public servants.

Below is a list of the SrPF Mission Trips for the last ninteen years and brief descriptions of each. Thanks for checking in regularly while we are on our trip.  Thank you for your support and prayers. 

2019 Mission Trip Blog

June 24-29, 2019 - This year we travel to Horton Center in Gorham, NH, which is a part of the New Hampshire Conference of the United Church of Christ. Horton Center perches atop Pine Mountain within White Mountain National Forest. Horton Center's creation as a spiritual retreat began back in 1942 because of the vision and collaborations formed by Douglas Horton. Horton was a Congregational minister in Middletown, CT and other places, eventually served as Dean of Harvard Divinity School and was instrumental in forming the United Church of Christ ... [ more ]

2018 Mission Trip Blog

June 23-29, 2018 -- This year we travel to HoustonTexas to help rebuild homes lost during Hurricane Harvey. Our Senior Youth Group is excited to share the good news by aiding in the efforts to rebuild lives, families, and areas of Texas devasted by floods in cooperation with the St. Bernard Project. [ more ]

2017 Mission Trip Blog

July 2-7, 2017 -- This year we traveled to Wall Township, New Jersey to work with St Bernard Project, re-building homes destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 ... that's right, almost 5 years ago. [ more ]

2016 Mission Trip Blog

Sunday, June 26 - Saturday, July 2, 2016: - Follow our Mission Trip to San Marcos, TX! With 25 youth and 11 advisors, we have quite a group (and never a dull moment). [ more ]

2015 Mission Trip Blog

June 21-27, 2015 - This year First Church' Senior Pilgrim Fellowship heads to Long Island, working with Friends of Rockaway, to help families still struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. [ more ]

2014 Mission Trip Blog

The 2014 First Church Senior Pilgrim Fellowship Mission Trip was to Eastern Kentucky ... [ more ]

2013 Mission Trip Blog

June 23-30, 2013 - Follow First UCC's Senior Pilgrim Fellowship on its first mission trip to Atlantic City, New Jersey to help with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. [ more ]

2012 Mission Trip Blog

June 23-30, 2012 - Follow First UCC's Senior Pilgrim Fellowship on its fourth mission trip to New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina in 2005 in service to God and neighbor.  Once again, Senior P.F. youth and advisors are working with the St. Bernard Project to help rebuild homes for people who have been waiting over six years to re-establish a permanent residence. [ more ]

2011 Mission Trip

Boston (City Mission Society of Boston)
On June 24-27, 2011, eightteen people took part in our first homelessness-centered trip.  Traveling to Boston early on Friday morning, the group went right to work at... [ more ]

2010 Mission Trip

New Orleans/Metairie, Louisiana—25 youth, 11 advisors
Our third NOLA trip was a success in spirit and work.  Good Shepherd UCC once again graciously hosted us and gave us a tour of New Orleans on our long first day there.  Five years after Hurricane Katrina, so much rebuilding still needs to ... [ more ]

2009 Mission Trip

Orland, Maine (H.O.M.E., Inc.)—27 youth, 6 advisors
Returning 5 years later to Maine, we camped out 4 miles away from H.O.M.E. and took on a section 8 housing duplex building project, installing insulation, sheetrock and siding.  Unfortunately, two straight days of rain dampened our spirits early on.  We had a good time, however, at Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor and ... [ more ]

2008 Mission Trip

New Orleans/Metairie, Louisiana—30 youth, 14 advisors
We returned to the Gulf Coast and stayed at Good Shepherd UCC again. Monday through Thursday we worked through St. Bernard Project, doing reconstruction projects at over 12 houses, meeting many of the owners and ... [ more ]

2007 Mission Trip

Sharon, Connecticut (Silver Lake Conference Center)—20 youth and 7 advisors
We took part in our second trip to Silver Lake.  Thanks to advisors such as Mike T., we took on ambitious projects for only 3 work days: creating a fire pit with benches, replacing and ... [ more ]

2006 Mission Trip

New Orleans/Metairie, Louisiana—21 youth, 15 advisors
This was the first time we flew for a trip and our first time doing disaster relief.  We stayed at Good Shepherd U.C.C. in Metairie, a suburb west of New Orleans that was flooded from Lake Ponchartrain.  Our liaison was Carol, a relative of a First Church family. Four teams each had the responsibilities during the trip to ... [ more ]

2005 Mission Trip

Sharon, Connecticut (Silver Lake Conference Center)—18 youth, 4 advisors
On this mini-mission trip, we spent four days at Silver Lake, the U.C.C.'s camp for the Connecticut Conference.  Our work included painting and installing exterior wood paneling, transforming ... [ more ]

2004 Mission Trip

Orland, Maine (H.O.M.E., Inc.)—23 youth, 7 advisors
We served at H.O.M.E., Inc., a Catholic mission site for people in need in central coastal Maine.  Although we had "rustic" accommodations and some tasks weren't that exciting, most of us had a powerful experience.  This was the first trip where ... [ more ]

2002 Mission Trip

Germantown, Maryland—19 youth, 5 advisors
We traveled to Montgomery County, Maryland, to work as part of a Group Workcamp, where about 20 different youth groups from around the country lived in a middle school and went out each day in teams of 7 to ... [ more ]

2001 Mission Trip

Rutland, Massachusetts (Heifer Project's Overlook Farm)—15 people
Senior PF's first mini-mission trip, Overlook Farms was a three-day trip and gave youth first-hand, hands-on experience of how people live in rural poverty.  They camped out at the site, did farm chores, and ... [ more ]

2000 Mission Trip

Dungannon, VA—15 youth, 4 advisors
Our first mission trip started a great tradition for First UCC Milford.  Led by Dave Nicol, the group had a great experience working on housing in central Appalachia with ... [ more ]

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