June 26, 2018 -- Today was another busy day, with our teams hard at work at our sites.

Jalon (SBP Linda Vista site leader) told us, "Y'all are one of the first groups to not complain about insulation."  

Olivia Tashlein wrote: "Today was the last day at our worksite where we originally came in on the first day.  We had to sand all day and mud. Teddy and Brent(the Americore member) took out an old slider door and got ready to put a new one on. Everyone was finishing small spots that needed to be sanded and mudding places that needed coverage because of small divots and holes. Sanding was of course not the groups most favorite thing to do.

Today though, we took out half of the things from the home in the garage and put them outside. At the last half hour we got to add texture to the wall in the kitchen."

We enjoyed a dip in the Humble, TX city pool in the afternoon.  Whew!  Refreshing!

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