The first half of our group made it safely to Houston on Saturday and we have been warmly received. 

Half of the group attended Plymouth United Worship, and Rev. Mak began the service with a centering meditation. The joyful congregation offered a blessing for our group and our efforts. 

Half of the group worshipped with Immanuel United in Spring. They had a welcome for us on their roadside sign.

Both groups enjoyed wonderful fellowship hours after worship.  The we got to work setting up spaces with cots and transforming church spaces into bunk rooms.  The churches provided stacks of towels, sheets, blankets and toiletry items for us.  And both sites had air conditioning!!!!

They helped us out in so many ways.

We went shopping.  I took a car load to The Woodlands Trader Joe's to pick a huge donation of food. Michele took a car load to shop for groceries.  Mark's group stayed to set up.  

Later we gathered for dinner at Plymouth United, where the Davies prepared an amazing meal for us.  We were very tired.

Blessings to the travelers on Sunday. Our Sunday travelers arrived around 9 PM and ate at Immanuel, then the Plymouth group left so that we could get a good night's rest.

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