Time To Share - Christmas Charity Initiative

Dear Members & Friends of First United Church of Christ, Milford,

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ, whose birth we celebrate this Advent & Christmas!
As in Advent seasons past, the Christian Outreach Ministry invites you to make donations to charities through the church's Time to Share Offering. Instead of buying gifts for a friend or relative (who may seem to have all they need), you may feel God's call to give a gift in the person's name. You also may feel called to give in memory of a loved one. Please consider sharing your gifts and blessings with others less fortunate and helping the church meet the needs of God's people in crisis.

In addition to the Time to Share offering, you may also feel called to give an offering on Christmas Eve using the Christmas envelope in your pledge booklet. Those offerings support Christian Outreach's general benevolence ministries, allowing us to give to emergency funds and other worthy causes on behalf of the congregation throughout the year.

[To make an ONLINE Time to Share contribution]

Contributions will be recorded on your pledge statement for tax purposes.

The Christian Outreach Ministry thanks you for considering this gracious form of giving, and we hope that God calls many to give to people in need this holiday season!

Yours in Christ,

The Christian Outreach Ministry
First United Church of Christ, Milford

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