Senior Pilgrim Fellowship

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship (Senior PF) is First Church's open and inviting high school youth ministry and fellowship group (9th-12th graders). As we look to 2024 we are excited about the community we can build. Adult leadership for this program is provided by our Associate Pastor, Rev. Ashley, and a dynamic team of volunteer Advisors.  We will be meeting in Fellowship Hall this Fall for many of our meetings, but also meet off site and in our Plymouth Building. We will keep you posted on locations!

SrPF helps to foster faithful living, supportive community, fellowship and service based on our deep sense that First Church is a safe and welcoming place. Particularly for this program year we are focused on Faith Building, connecting to our Bicentennial along with our personal and community faith building. 

Check out our schedule, registration, and volunteer opportunities. We intentionally hope to give our youth volunteer opportunities to help them meet their graduation with distinction requirements; plus, these are also chances to practice what we preach! 

Would you like to Host Dinner for the Youth? Table fellowship is an important place for community building. How fun to cook for 20ish folks. Happy to help you feel prepared & supported. Let's Chat. 

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship Schedule 2024

Registration Form Attached or [online]! (If you participated in Mission Trip 2023, you can simply update your current form!) 

Follow Senior PF on Instagram!!

To contact any of the advisors email:

Get Rev. Ashley to sign off on your volunteer service hour form.

Check out some of our Activities: Mission Trip to Deep Roots, Inc in Maryland! (there's more on Instagram.)

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