SPF Winter 2018 Calendar

January--Happy New Year, SrPF

Jan. 7 Confirmation 2 & College Panel at 4:30 PM; Regular Meeting at 6:30 PM (Mission Trip Commitment Forms on Hold, until we hear from Houston SBP.)
Jan. 14 Regular Meeting 6:30-8 PM
Jan. 21 Regular Meeting 6:30-8 PM
Jan.26 (Friday) Parent's Night Out! Back by popular demand! Kids, bring your talents and the SrPF and JPF will host a Talent Show for our kids. That's Right Bring instruments, Skits, Special Songs to Sing or Dance to, etc. Or, come to be entertained! Sign Ups to start on Jan.9th!
Jan. 28 Check Ins 6:30 PM--games, planning, fun.


Feb. 3 (Saturday) Souper Bowl of Caring Prep 9 AM in kitchen
Feb. 4 Sunday, Coffee Hour Soup Sale--Donations for Mission Trip. Pre-orders accepted!
No evening meeting due to Super Bowl or
Feb. 11 Mission Trip Meeting at 6:30-8 PM
Feb. 18 Regular Meeting 6:30-8 PM (Unless lots decide they are traveling. Maybe Bowling.)
Feb. 25 Regular Meeting 6:30-8 PM


Mar. 4 Mission Trip Meeting 6:30-8 PM
Mar. 11 Regular Meeting 6:30-8 PM
Mar. 18 Regular Meeting 6:30-8 PM
Mar. 25 Regular Meeting 6:30-8 PM
Mar. 30 Good Friday evening events & Passover Meal

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