VBS Needs List

VBS 2012 Donation Needs

Prayers for the children and volunteers

Monetary Donations for supplies--always useful!

The items listed might seem very strange, but our theme of Green Church: Caretakers of God's Creation invites us to think about reusing and repurposing the things that culture deems as "disposable."  If you can donate any of the items (even part of the quantity listed), please let us know: ramcc33@gmail.com.  Nonperishable items should be turned in by July 15, and we will let you personally know when perishable items for our snacks are needed.

Thank you for your commitment to recycling and reusing resources from God's Good Creation!  Please leave labels on all redeemable bottles.

QUANTITY              ITEM              

45                            clean margarine tubs (16 oz)

40                            clean 2 Liter Bottles

10                            clean pie pans (no holes)

10                            cheap sponges

20                            clean coffee cans (1lb) or powdered drink containers

10 bottles              Tacky glue (larger bottles are welcome)

100ct                      box of drinking straws

8 rolls                    electrical tape (any color)

5 batches              homemade play dough (recipe upon request)

Lots                       clean bottle caps

150                         clean  plastic bottles (1 liter or smaller)

small bottle            cooking oil

small bottle            dish detergent
10                            clean 1 gal jugs

200                          pipe cleaners

100                          brown paper lunch bags

40                            clean quart cartons (milk, etc.)

300                          paper plates

400                          napkins


QUANTITY              ITEM              

8 boxes                  graham crackers

6 cans                    vanilla icing

1 box                      food coloring (green, blue and yellow)

8 bags                    gummy animals: worms, bears, bugs, fish, etc.

4 boxes                  animal crackers

3 large                   watermelons

6 bags                    Hershey kisses

10 packages        Oreos, vanilla sandwich or chocolate chip cookies

4 gal                      Milk (1%, 2 %, or whole)

10 lbs                   Grapes

25                          bananas

20                          apples

4                            melons

100                       Green Jello Jigglers

10 packs             Green Kool Aid

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