Teacher Update

Dear Teachers-- CELEBRATION coming up!!!!

Saturday, June 4 9 AM rehearsal. (some parents will need to stay up and help with kids, but others can set up for the reception and work on classroom spaces with Stewardship day).

Saturday: Each class will have 5 or so minutes to assign last minute parts, if not already chosen.

Little ones will go first to practice!  

I am attaching the rehearsal directions below, the Message (every class has a part), and the communion service for 6th & 7th graders.

Please know who will be reading which parts and who will carry up the pieces to our peace art.  I will have extra copies of everything on Saturday morning!

READERS--we will give readers a chance to feel confident at the microphones.

You will be amazed how smooth and peaceful this is going to be, since everyone has been working on their parts for months!!

Class Email Reminder:  Please send a class email reminder with:
Wear Tie-dye shirts (pick up Saturday if you didn't already)
Saturday mornign rehearsal is important! 9 AM in main sanctuary

Sunday morning 9:30 AM, be ready!

QUESTION:  Does anyone have the give away cards with the peace sign and make me an instrument on back? 

Rev. Ashley

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