PEACE CAMP 2016 Review

June 13-17
Our week of peace-making, skill building and creative expression offered our campers, youth volunteers, helpers and adult leaders a timely immersion into Peace Culture. We deconstructed PEACE to arrive at our daily themes of:

Day 1: Change Pace
Day 2: Consider Everyone
Day 3: Focus Attention
Day 4: Learn Cadence
Day 5: Celebrate Endings

Each day these themes played out in Team Building and Problem Solving, Yoga Sessions, Creativity through Art and Creativity through Food. The small group time with campers and youth counselors incorporated these themes and relationship building.

Service Component: At the beginning of the week, each camper to brought 1 bag of groceries with non­perishable food items like: box of pasta, pasta sauce, tuna, mac & cheese, peanut butter, jelly, cake mix, canned fruit, canned veggies, snack items, cereal, granola bars, etc. (store brand is fine) We used these supplies to help the children learn about food sources, sorting and nutrients, which often households leave to the adults. The small groups also came up with a nutritious menu for a meal for 4, and they had to determine what ingredients would also be needed to complete the meal. Usually the meals they pull together were lacking in protein, which is a huge concern for families in our community who rely on food pantries. The food they donated will help serve our Milford Food 2 Kids families over the summer!

Friday was a special day for Celebrating Endings, pulling all of our week's activities and ideas together for an early morning Yoga session on the back plymouth lawn with children as young as 3 to adults into their 70s. Talk about an intergenerational cascading mentorship of peace-generating culture! We also finished up our Peace Totem Stories for our celebration.

Thank you to all of our Adult Volunteers: Bonnie George, Margie Ruggeri, Yogi Laura Jarvis, Tracy Hoppock, Lloyd Jacobs, Faith Whitsett, Andrea Rochniak, Letty Corrado, Mark Byers & Rev. Ashley; many other adults and youth counselors, Hannah, and all of our campers and their families. And special thanks to Jim Altieri for creating this great video to share!  Peace.

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