375 Colonial Camp last Summer!

Thank You for a Great Week

July 14-18, 2014

We celebrated this July and explored the history of Milford!

  • Day One was Paugusett Day with a reenactment of the purchase of the land that would become Milford and hands-on learning about the native people.
  • Day Two was Wilderness to Settlement Day with a fieldtrip to the Historical Society, Ells Stowe House and other significant Milford sites.
  • Day Three was Colonial Life Day where we make food staples and household necessities.
  • Day Four was Colony Fun and Grave Decisions Day where we make toys and play games and explore the Milford Cemetery.
  • Day Five was Milford First Church Day with a sampling of an old time service and special showing of our colonial creations, open to visitors.

We give thanks for all of the children who participated in this week's camp. The children were attentive and interested; they worked hard and developed skills while learning new things—from what it feels like when the butter has been churned enough, how to make impressions in clay pinch pots, how to play games that could teach, to why corn was an important staple. These are the things that our children were eager to share with their family and friends at our special reception and interactive showing on Friday. 

The urge to share Milford's fascinating and inspiring story is why many of our volunteers gave of their time and efforts this week and in prior weeks and months of planning and preparation. So we thank our youth counselors, crew leaders, project leaders, snack scientists, crossing guards, slide show makers, church staff, and nursery crew for their presence and participation.

We thank the Milford Historical Society; Milford Cemetery; Ardienne Damicis (camp co-coordinator, historian & presenter), David Gregory (historian, story teller and writer); Ginny Reinhard, President of the Orange Historical Society and Delores Hannon—Mistress Merwin. We are grateful to Lloyd Jacobs and Mike Lucas who made the Meeting House models and whirly gigs.  We thank Trader Joe's and Stonebridge Restaurant for their generous donations for our refreshments.

- - PHOTO GALLERY from Colonial Camping- -
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