Teachers & Advisors

We encourage all generations of our congregation to be actively involved in the Christian Education and Formation of our children.

Our Sunday School Leadership Teams consist of adults and youth from the congregation.  Sunday School teachers share Bible stories and their own stories with our children, giving them the language and assurance to build their own faith understanding.  Some high school students, including our confirmands, assist in the classes; their presence and excitement give a powerful witness to the children and the whole church family.

The mission of Sunday School at First UCC of Milford is to provide a meaningful intergenerational time for faith formation, practice, and expression for each individual in a safe, supportive Christ-centered and Spirit-led community.

Our hope is to equip God's children for faithful living.

Formed & Reforming Teaching Teams

2017-2018 Our Still Speaking SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS

Nursery: Wendy Gilbert, Mark Byers, Hannah 

3 & 4 Year Olds: Nina Kienzle, Kristen Viesselman, Gina Savoli

Kindergarten & First Grade:  Jennie Bihary, Tina Cerrone

Second & Third Grades:Melissa Schwartz, Sarah Reidel, Abby Smith, Dylan Schwartz and Bridget Sanchez

Fourth & Fifth Grades: Letty Corrado, Sally Carter, Michele Olsson

Sixth & Seventh Grades: Sue Bernor

We suggest that parents teach for two years for each child they have in Sunday School.


Our Youth Group Advisors and Confirmation Mentors continue to support the Christian formation of our young people.  We are grateful for their faithful committment.

Junior Pilgrim Fellowship Advisors with Kelsey Gamble: DJ Dineson, Sue Bernor, Megan McCaskill, Wendy Gilbert, Lorrie Quirk

Senior Pilgrim Fellowship Advisors with Rev. Ashley Grant: Craig George, Laurel Ellson, Pete DeLucia, Mark Byers, Morgan Preiss, Jeff Bernor, Michele Olsson, Tom Stuart, April Preiss, Genny Martinez 

Confirmation I Mentor: Kelsey Gamble

Confirmation II Mentor: Rev. Ashley Grant & Rev. Adam

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