Church Board

The Church Board consists of First Church's Officers, Committee Chairpersons, and Members-at-Large.  We are grateful for the leadership and representation these members faithfully provide. 

Moderator: Peter Jaynes
Vice Moderator: Mark Byers
Clerk: Allison Britting
Assistant Clerk: Debra Rich
Treasurer: Paul Goglia
Assistant Treasurers: Pam Trotto, Faith Whitsett, Bob Rich
Financial Secretary: Judy Haley
Historian: Ardienne Damicis
Members-At-Large: Gretchen Perrett, Robbie Silver

Ministry Chairpeople
Diaconate: Jamie Rude
Trustees: Jeff Edmondson
Christian Education: Margie Ruggeri
Music: Leslie Weaver
Christian Outreach: Nina Kienzle
Stewardship: Dave Weaver, Scott Tompsen
Personnel: Marcia Cobain

These leaders welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the ministries of the church.

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