Church Board

The Church Board consists of First Church's Officers, Committee Chairpersons, two Members-at-Large, and a Pastor.  We are grateful for the leadership and representation these members faithfully provide. Below is the list of board members for 2019, which will be updated as ministries and committees vote on chairpeople:

Moderator: Carol LaBrake
Vice Moderator: Joe Jeffery
Clerk: Allison Britting
Treasurer: Bob Rich
Members-At-Large: Margie Ruggeri, Michele Steinlauf
Pastors: Rev. Adam Eckhart, Rev. M. Ashley Grant

Ministry Chairpeople
Diaconate: TBD
Trustees: Jeff Edmondson
Faith Formation: TBD
Music: Leslie Weaver
Christian Outreach: TBD
Stewardship: TBD
Personnel: TBD

In addition to board members and memembers of ministries and committees, we have other leaders who support the work of the officers and the church in general:
Assistant Treasurers: Pam Trotto, Faith Whitsett, Paul Goglia, Jim Rich
Financial Secretary: Judy Haley
Assistant Financial Secretary: Denis Haley
Assistant Clerk: Debra Rich
Historian: Ardienne Damicis

These leaders welcome the opportunity to speak with you about the ministries of the church.

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