City Meeting on the future of 67 Prospect

Milford HIstoric Preservation Commission Meeting
Monday, March 19th, 2018
7:00 PM, Milford City Hall

The First United Church of Christ (Congregational), invites you to attend the Preservation Commission meeting on Monday, March 19th, as the commission will likely make a decision that evening on whether to attempt to block plans to develop 67 Prospect Street.

Why does First Church Milford care about 67 Prospect Street?

Rev. Peter Prudden, the founding pastor of First Church (and MIlford, CT itself) lived with his family on a 7-acre lot off Prospect Street, with the house on the corner closest to the church. All written documentation indicates that the first generation of settlers who died in Milford were buried in the Pruddens' garden, behind their house.

Although the lot was divided, in the 19th century a house was built on the Prudden site that has its own historical value, and consensus was that the burial ground was on the lot, respected and relatively undisturbed. In the fall of 2017, the relatively new owners of 67 Prospect Street began to pass along plans to demolish the house and build 44 apartments on the majority of the lot, which would mean building on top of the site where the frist settlers are thought to be buried.

At the church's 2018 annual meeting (January 28th), the congregation voted to speak out as Rev. Prudden's church in favor of preserving the house and land and not developing it as apartments. We hope that people of all opinions to share theirs during the public comment portion of the meeting. The church plans to appeal to the sacred significance of the land as well as the house as reasons to preserve the property. Please contact the church office at 203.877.4277 if you have any questions. Thank you!

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